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Fun and easy-to-use drawing tool to transform photos into classy paintings
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FotoSketcher is a fun and easy-to-use drawing tool that will transform your photos into classy pen or ink sketches and cartoons, and even into oil or watercolor paintings in seconds. Though the photo-to-drawing process itself is a fully automated one, the program offers you a wide range of parameters and drawing styles for you to unleash your full creativity.

The program’s interface shows a split viewer where you can see the source and the resulting images in a before/after fashion. Thus, all changes made into the image on the left (the source photograph) can be viewed in real time on the right half of the screen. FotoSketcher offers you nearly 30 drawing styles to choose from. There are pencil sketch, pen and ink, painting (oil, watercolor, brushstrokes, etc.), and stylized effects (cartoon, pixelation, etc.), as well as other miscellaneous effects that include vintage photo, vivified photo, and the possibility of merging the source and the resulting image into one. These work as profiles, which you can customize fully at any point within the process. You can modify the edge threshold, the edge intensity, the color intensity, the amount of light, and the level of contrast that you want the program to apply to your “painting”. You can also soften the edges of the image, add a frame or/and a text to it, apply your most personal touch using the “manual brush”, and choose one of the various textures provided... once you are happy with all the adjustments, all you have to do is click on the “Draw” button to enjoy the results.

The results will certainly astonish you. And if they don’t look as you expected, just try again changing some of the settings or using a different drawing effect. You can save your works of art as JPEG, BMP, or PNG images or print them out and share them with your friends and family. This is a free tool, one that will reward you with hours of fun and creative work.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Nice and intuitive interface
  • Real-time preview of the changes applied
  • Excellent zoom in/out capabilities
  • Each style has its custom drawing parameters
  • Allows you to add frames and text to your resulting sketches


  • Supports a limited number of image file formats
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